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“This is practical, nuts and bolts insider information, drawn from first-hand experience, about the work experience in film and television. It is the most useful, interesting, necessary and effective approach to preparation for acting on film or video I have ever heard of.”

JOE URLA - (The Good Wife/Homeland)







“Being On Camera” is a different kind of acting class. This workshop is designed to help actors learn and refine on-camera skills in a supportive and exciting environment. Created and taught by Amelia Campbell and actor/filmmaker Anthony Arkin, it is a unique opportunity to:


1. Explore how filmed scenes are created


2. Understand the practical realities of an actors job on set


3. Learn to make brave and interesting choices

     in front of the camera


Scenes are provided, mistakes are encouraged, and a focused, practical investigation  of the work is the goal. As always we leave time to talk about films and performances, and to answer any and all pertinent questions.


In a climate when many acting classes are focused on performing, this workshop is focused on Being. It is deceptively simple, but only something we can learn by doing, and by watching and listening to each other.


We’ve taught on-camera workshops at HB Studio, Wagner College, The Tape Room and the Florida Thespian State Festival.


We currently teach at Primary Stages (ESPA).


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“Thank you for such honest, generous and insightful feedback and giving us clear access points for working in film. You have shared knowledge that has expanded my understanding of and appreciation for film work, and for reminding me of the delicate jazz an actor expresses and hones. That is invaluable.”

Corey Tazmania


"Amelia and Anthony's Being On Camera class is a joyful and expansive exploration of what it means to act in front of the camera. Each student is respected as a professional on a set, while simultaneously being challenged relentlessly toward a full expression of her truth. This class left me with an incredible belief and hunger for the work in its purest form. I'm amazed by how much I took away in a relatively short period of time".



“Amelia and Anthony have created an on camera class like no other. I strongly recommend this class for actors who wish to hone their craft while expanding their knowledge of films and film production, as a whole. As a teaching pair, they each bring their unique talents and experiences in order to create a classroom environment that is welcoming, eye-opening and inspiring!”.

 Robin Galloway


“It was very eye opening and certainly has me thinking about more than just the acting aspect of on-camera. Seeing how things appear on screen vs. how they feel in person was very useful. Listening and working off of the other person definitely are things I thought about during this workshop. In film/tv you HAVE to go off of what you’re getting because you don’t have the luxury of rehearsing like you would in theater. Tony and Amelia create a non-intimidating atmosphere that allows for growth and creativity while learning”.

Autumn Guzzardi


“I loved your class, period. I loved your ideas, your teaching styles and the unique combination you both have, added so much value to the experience. You both inspired me to see film with different eyes and thoughts from the very day of our first class”.

Anne Mulford


"Anthony and Amelia's class laid the groundwork for me to be a better actor on camera and a better colleague on set. They are genuinely interested in helping actors become better at their craft."



“I had the honor and privilege to take class with one of my acting heroes, Amelia Campbell.  It was through her that I also got to meet Anthony, who completely blew up my understanding of film. Their disciplined and simple approach to acting and filmmaking opened up new pathways for me to think creatively.  I left the class feeling so inspired that I actually started making a couple of short films on my own!  Their passion is contagious. I would take their class again in a heartbeat.

Sarah Schaefer


"Amelia and Tony are a stellar duo. They offer an honest, professional perspective on the film industry - i.e. what it's like to be on set - while also reminding you why you got into this business in the first place - the art of it all. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the class focused on film appreciation, and I think I learned as much, from watching my classmates' scenes. Overall, a positive and enriching experience!"




“Working with Amelia and Tony was a great experience! I have a classical theatrical background. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with instructors who understood my training and helped me utilize that for success in front of the camera. I no longer feel intimidated by working on film and TV projects and look forward to continuing my growth as an actor in that realm”.

Laura Cook











Amelia Campbell

Co-Teacher: Anthony Arkin

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