amelia campbell

"Amelia Campbell is the mystic in today's theatre. She has an uncanny ability to get inside an actor's head so that the actor can get inside their own heart. Herself a wonderful actor, she knows the tools that other actors need to get inside the heart and mind of the character they wish to inhabit.

Having worked with Ms. Campbell as a co-teacher, I have had the opportunity to watch her at close range and I am astonished."

               Jack DouliN - Casting Director


The core element of my teaching philosophy is empowerment, which occurs when a person feels safe and respected as an individual.

I encourage truth, listening, and finding joy in the work. I encourage courage.


COACHING (currently on-line) I have been coaching actors since 2005 and it has become a hugely rewarding part of my life. In our private sessions we work on material in all mediums, at all levels of experience. PRIVATE COACHING - $90 an hour ON-SET COACHING - $120 an hour Please contact me for more information or to book a session. TESTIMONIALS: “Amelia Campbell is the best acting coach I could ever imagine.” Max Talisman - (Orange Is the New Black/Super Dark Times FF) “We worked on a specific scene for a film audition, and I can honestly say that I’ve never walked in to an audition so confidant in my career.” Matty Blake - (Alpha House/30 Rock/ host of “Drilling Down”) "You were right, making my points and making sure they landed really helped slow down the tempo but keep the energy. You really helped by giving me the confidence to fly." Melinda Wade - (Choke/House of Lies/Damages ) "Amelia’s coaching is incredibly sensitive, intuitive and sharp. Her warmth, caring and thoughtfulness combined with her amazing experience and insight are inspiring." Evelyn Gaynor - (actress & teaching artist) “Amelia is accurate and insightful in finding the places where I can grow and expand in my work. She is not only a coach; as you work with her she becomes your partner, guiding you along the acting journey”. Karen Colazzo "I found your critiques incisive and easily understood, whether it was directed to my work or to others. I have recommended this class to many others at the school". David Khouri “I found the joy. Thank you very much for helping me to do so. And Amelia, they hired me.” Richard O’Brien It occurred to me the reason I’ll find emotional color in a song or short film is they’re short so the clues to the story and character are more obvious, while a play has two hours to unfold so the colors can be more subtle. You helped me understand the difference, as well as the importance of analyzing every word of the script. Your input was invaluable.” AVE LINDEN - (The Loft) “Although I had great burdens of overcoming my enunciation and reservation to act successfully in English, as it is my third language, Amelia was able to successfully direct me to act with my emotions. This naturally solved my problems with my enunciation. After receiving private lessons with Amelia I successfully passed the audition and got the part. She's a great actress and teaches well, she has a lot of passion in helping”. MYOUNG JIN SON

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